Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dental Services

Whether it’s a filling, crown, bridge, partial or complete denture, Alpha Dental can provide the service and care to meet your needs. We can replace missing tooth structure or missing teeth in a metal-free, functional and cosmetic manner. Unsightly cracked and decayed large silver fillings can be replaced with a bonded composite (tooth-colored) filling or with a bonded custom made porcelain filling known as an inlay or onlay.

Missing teeth can be replaced with metal-free all porcelain bridges where the missing tooth is substituted with a natural looking porcelain tooth that integrates into the surrounding teeth. Partial and complete dentures do not appear “fake.” Under the care of our skilled dentist and the help of a high tech lab, metal free dentures are created which are comfortable and light, as well as, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

restorative dentistry