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Alpha Dental Testimonials

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Read Anna S.‘s review of Alpha Dental on Yelp

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I don’t even know where to start. I hate going to the Dentist. Beside the pain, I feel that I’ve been cheated, and the last 3 offices I’ve been to just wanted to collect $$ from me and my insurance, honestly they don’t care about what’s going with my teeth and oral care. Back then I didn’t have insurance I paid cash for my services. In 2006, I finally got insurance and was hoping that I’ll finally get some oral care work done… To make a long story, let just say the other dentist didn’t take care of any of that, they just push it aside and treat me according to my dental coverage. However, Dr. Vegter at Alpha Dental is totally the opposite. He actually cares about my teeth and what’s going on in my mouth. He treated me based on my oral needs not on what’s covered under my insurance. He’s a excellent dentist, he’s very thorough, and he cares about his patient. I will continue to go to his office as long as my teeth need.” –Manilath

“I took my son to this office for his first teeth cleaning. It was a wonderful experience. The dentist was so nice and helpful. My son is only 2 1/2 and he seemed to really enjoy the dentist. I saw their name on a list of denti-cal providers that the FC agency had given me. It turns out the list was really old  and they do not accept denti-cal. Even without using insurance the visit was really affordable! I am going to keep going to this dentist even though his insurance is not accepted. That is how good they were!

My son had previously seen a different dentist for an emergency visit when he fell. At the other dentist he screamed the entire time (not in pain, just scared). The fact that he really enjoyed this one really relieved me and made for a great experience.” – Lin F.

As someone who has always been afraid of going to the dentist, needless to say I was quite skeptical when a friend recommended that I try Alpha Dental. I had not been to any dentist in a few years and could visibly see cavities in my mouth that were both painful, and cosmetically displeasing. Upon entering the office, I immediately noticed how clean and organized everything seemed to be. The friendly staff greeted me and introduced me to Dr. Roy Vegter. After having x-rays taken, Dr. Vegter sat down with me to discuss the various options of treatment that we could pursue. For the first time in my life, it seemed as though the dentist was actually concerned with my opinion as to what needed to be done. Every other dentist that I have ever been to has always just sat down, told me I had one option, and then tells me when to have it done. Not this time. Dr. Vegter was genuinely concerned for me and explained what he would like to do, while giving me treatment options at the same time. It is now a year-and-a-half later, and I can tell you that he has been true to his every word. We went about fixing my oral problems at MY own pace, and as he promised, it was 99% pain free. I even had him take out my wisdom teeth, (something that I have avoided for years) and was once again very impressed with his work and staff. I did not know that a dentist’s office could be so warm and welcoming, and I finally feel as if I have found my dental home. If I could rate them 6 stars, I would.”
–  Corey Jackson

“Alpha Dental was really great and informative. They were quickly able to identify the work that I need to get done and they have competitive rates that are affordable for just about anyone and they even work with those who need it. The Staff was outstanding and they made me feel very welcome in the office. Not to mention the dentist (Dr. Vegter) was really nice and provided great services and information. I have been to plenty of other dental offices and this one genuinely surpassed my expectations. If you need an actual good dentist to go to that is reliable and honest then this is definitely the place to go to.”
– Lis J

“Today I FINALLY had my cavities filled— This was the most easy breezy dental visit ever. In the past my dentist was very rough and actually scared me from going to the dentist for nearly 10 years. I came in for a teeth cleaning, xrays and discovered I had cavities. Since I don’t have dental insurance I had to pay out of pocket but was given great prices! No longer afraid of the dentist, Thank you Dr. Vegter!! 🙂  Also the dental staff is super duper sweet!!
– Jamie K.

Our son received outstanding care and treatment  from Alpha Dental. They care about their patients and gave him a superior service.  He had a bad experience with another dental office and is happy to have found someone he can trust.”

–  Claire C.

-“Dr. Vegter—On behalf of the College Avenue Center, I would like to thank you and your staff for your presentation about Oral Health for Older Adults.  It was so kind of you to take time out of your busy day to not only discuss this most important topic, but to offer some of the seniors an opportunity to participate in the screening too.  This was a great, added bonus.”

“You are truly the best dentist I have ever been to.  Your kindness and generous heart has blessed me more than I could express.  Thank you”

“Thank you also to the alpha dental staff who are a wonderful compliment to a fantastic dentist!”

“Dear Dr. Vegter,  I want to thank you for everything you and your staff have done for me.  I was grateful that you were able to fit me for an appointment on a moment’s notice and outlined a treatment plan right away so I knew what to expect.  After having success with the caps you previously did on my front teeth, I knew I was in the best hands to make me look normal again.  I appreciate that you told me each step of the way on what you would be doing and what to expect for each visit, which put me at ease and by this I did not get as anxious with the whole process.  Also personally calling to check how I was feeling and if I had any pain or concerns after procedures was a step above what any other dentist or doctor would do.  I look in the mirror and I am amazed at the great work you did on my “teeth” and find myself smiling all the time now–I think the bridge looks even better than the “real” teeth.  People do not even realize that it is a bridge unless I tell them.  Then I get to tell them what a great dentist you are and how meticulous you are in your work to get things just right, even more so than the patient.”

Dr. Roy Vegter is the BEST dentist in San Diego. Happy 29th (x2) Birthday. Thank you for bringing back my lovely daughter’s  SMILE. We are grateful. -Rosalie and Julia

Best visit to dentist I’ve ever had and I even wasn’t the patient.  —KBA

It was the best experience ever (Roy Boy is tops!).

“Dear Dr. Vegter,  Thanks again for the excellent emergency dental care for Monica Saturday morning! She and I are most appreciative. I wish you and your associate much success in your practice.”

“Great job Alpha Dental!  You have yourself a lifer client!”

“Dr. Vegter—I missed the opportunity to say “Thank you” and to offer you our best wishes in your new endeavors.  I know you’ll do much good for people, and they will find in you a doctor they can trust, someone who cares for their best interests.”

“Our son received outstanding care and treatment  from Alpha Dental. They care about their patients and gave him a superior service.  He had a bad experience with another dental office and is happy to have found someone he can trust.

“Dr. Vegter, Thanks for being a great dentist to me over the last 16 years.”

To begin…I am not fond of going to the dentist at all. However, this all changed once I visited Alpha Dental – not to say I’m excited about going for a dental visit but at least I feel completely at ease about it.

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